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Yuan dynasty ceramics have only been further studied in recent decades. Interest in this subject was limited by the fact that Chinese connoisseurs were reluctant to appreciate art under foreign rule, while Western connoisseurs had altogether little knowledge of the short-lived Mongolian dynasty. It was in 1968 that an exhibition at the Cleveland Museum, Chinese Art under the Mongols, accompanied by a catalogue, dedicated its focus to Yuan dynasty ceramics. The Fung Ping Shan Museum (now the University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG)) of the University of Hong Kong, and the Oriental Ceramics Society of Hong Kong jointly organised an exhibition titled, The Yuan Evolution, in 1984. Among museums in China, thematic exhibitions have been hosted on Yuan ceramics, including the Splendors in Smalt: Art of Yuan Blue-and-White Porcelain in 2012 by Shanghai Museum, the Jingdezhen Yuan Porcelain Exhibition in 2015 by Yuanchonghuan Memorial Park, and the Yuan Porcelain Culture Exhibition in 2019 by the National Museum of China. Now, Red and Blue and White: Yuan and Early Ming Dynasty Ceramics from the Jinglexuan Collection at UMAG in 2023 forms another notable displays.

Also in the latter half of the 20th century, archaeological excavations and research have publicized Yuan porcelains found in hoards, tombs, dwellings, kiln sites, and shipwrecks. And even in Hong Kong, Yuan ceramics were unearthed in numerous local sites among which the findings were particularly notable from a recently constructed underground railway station, Sung Wong Toi Station. With these findings, more comprehensive interpretations on the production, aesthetics and distribution of Yuan ceramics were postulated.



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