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What is UMAG_STArts?

Launched in 2020, UMAG_STArts is a new initiative that explores the symbiotic relationship between science, technology, and the arts. Learn with UMAG is one of the initiative's first projects, featuring programmes of educational activities, digital learning resources, and thematically-focused exhibitions at our newly refurbished Study Gallery on the G/F of Fung Ping Shan Building.


We hope to bridge the diverse disciplines of science, technology, and the arts. Starting with the theme of painting, four programmes will be conducted. These programmes will be closely connected to the museum's permanent collections, as well as the interdisciplinary studies of art history, novel technologies and conservation. Each programme will feature an art-related theme—a technique, medium, material, or genre—aiming to offer a more interactive and dynamic museum learning experience that is dissimilar from the traditional mode of art exhibition. 

◀ Ng Lung Wai, Chang Ming, 2020. Folded acrylic paint on canvas. Image courtesy of the artist. 


UMAG_STARTS programmes

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